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Be Herbal provides high quality vegan friendly herbal supplements. Our goal is to facilitate an individual’s ability to take control of their health by providing holistic solutions that combine Ayurvedic medicine with cutting edge modern science.

Our area of focus is inflammation response, stress management and cognitive enhancement designed to help maintain an active, stress-free lifestyle at peak mental performance.

What makes Be Herbal unique is our approach. Our focus is to combine Potency, Purity and maximum Bio-Availability in all our formulas. 

We are so confident in our products and the results that you will get that we offer you a 100% money back guarantee if for any reason you are not satisfied.

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A note from the founder

You would probably assume that as the founder of an organic health supplements company, that I would be a lifelong fitness fanatic… but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

For most of my career, I was in management in the corporate world. I worked hard because I wanted to rise up the career ladder.

Like most Americans and Canadians, my days would consist of working long hours at a computer desk, drinking coffee in the morning and afternoon to stay productive and eating mostly fast-food.

I didn’t think much about taking care of my health, my work was always the main focus.

So whenever I felt sick, I mistakenly left my health’s fate to the hands of the medical system. It was from this point my health slowly deteriorated.

I started gaining weight, soon I was feeling exhausted all the time and I then developed chronic back pain that got worse and worse.

Before you know it, my back finally gave out and I was rushed to the hospital. Diagnosed with two severely herniated discs. 

I hit rock bottom. Whilst lying in the hospital bed barely able to move, I felt ashamed, worthless and depressed. My wife that was 7 months pregnant with our first child was now the one looking after me.

As I lay there waiting for my 2nd surgery, I realized that all I ever did if I had problems, was take painkillers or other drugs to numb the pain. I was always treating the symptoms and not the cause.

This was my enough is enough moment. For too long I've been completely ignoring my health and nobody was to blame for it but me. I had to get better soon. Not just for myself but for my growing family.

I refocused all my time and energy into learning how to live a healthy lifestyle the natural way. I tried all kinds of diets, supplements and exercise programs.

After trying everything under the sun and making a full recovery, I realized most health companies aren’t transparent and mislead their customers with the ingredients and effectiveness of their products. 

Healing through natural medicine was my new found passion. I no longer wanted to have a job that didn't provide any value to people's lives.

I wanted to make being healthy and happy SIMPLE for the busy professionals in our modern society by developing natural products that are clean and proven to work while providing full transparency into our products

Fast forward a few years later, we’ve now helped thousands of people transform their health and their lives.

We believe it shouldn’t be complicated for us to maintain a healthy lifestyle. My goal with Be Herbal is to educate and inspire you - to WOW YOU with the simple things I’ve learned about how to make living a healthy lifestyle easier through Natural Medicine.


- Mego Salbashian

Founder of Be Herbal


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