1 in 3 people affected by “food hypnosis” may find it impossible to lose weight!... (thankfully it can be reversed)

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1 in 3 people affected by “food hypnosis” may find it impossible to lose weight!... (thankfully it can be reversed)


Eating too much will cause you to gain weight.

And our body tells our brain how much food we should eat based on two hormones.

  1. Ghrelin… this is known as the “hunger hormone”. Our stomach releases this chemical to let our body & brain know we need to eat.
  2. Leptin… this is known as the “fullness hormone”. Our fat cells & intestine release this chemical to let our brain know we should stop eating.

When these hormones are functioning correctly… it stops us from overeating, and gaining too much weight.

In one study… one single factor caused leptin (the fullness hormone) to drop by 15.5%... 

And caused ghrelin (the hunger hormone) to rise by 14.9%. [1] 

Meaning a total shift of 30.4% in these key appetite hormones!

This means that the people affected were literally compelled to stuff their faces with more food! (AKA food hypnosis)

But here’s where it gets much worse…

Not only does this one factor make you want to eat more… 

research from Dr Stephanie Greer shows that it also... 

makes you specifically crave sugary, high calorie, fattening foods. [2] 

So it’s NO surprise that a 2013 study showed people who were affected by this one factor… gained 1.7lbs in just 5 days! [3] 

So what was this one factor that basically hypnotized people into gaining weight?!

Not getting enough deep sleep.

The CDC reports that 1 in 3 Americans are affected by this! (109 million people).


Obesity & sleep are linked because your body regulates your appetite hormones in deep phases of sleep… 

and when you don’t get enough high quality deep sleep…

Then these appetite hormones go haywire… and it becomes impossible not to gain weight!

Not to mention how hard it is to workout when you feel tired and lacking energy!

But here’s the problem with getting enough deep sleep.

If your stress levels are high… even if you are getting 8 hours of sleep each night... your body can NOT relax into truly deep.

In fact studies show that even very mild stress can reduce your levels of deep sleep by 53%! [4] 

And because we are in such uncertain times right now… you can be sure most people are experiencing very high levels of stress.  

BUT just like you can’t tell a person with clinical depression to just “cheer up”... and expect anything to change.

You also can’t tell yourself to “chill out”... and expect your stress levels to disappear.

You have to DO something to make this change happen.

Now while you could start working out, change your whole diet and start meditating... 

Changing your whole lifestyle over night… probably isn’t helpful advice... (and may just cause more stress in the short term).

Instead why not use a natural herb proven to reduce stress & improve sleep… 

Which will allow you to reduce your appetite & cravings!... (without having to change your lifestyle overnight)

Ashwagandha is a natural herb used for centuries in natural Indian medicine.

Scientists have classified this plant as an “adaptogen”… meaning it helps the body better adapt to stress.

It also helps to calm the nervous system allowing you to get into deeper phases of sleep.

That’s why...

In a 2012 study, this herb was proven to reduce symptoms of stress & sleeping problems by 69%! [5] 

And in a 10 week study on patients with sleep disorders it was shown to… [6]

  • Help people get to sleep 30.3% faster
  • Helped people stay asleep for 19% longer
  • Improve sleep quality by 7.8%

Now before you rush out and buy a cheap supplement online…

Be warned… not all Ashwagandha products are equal.

Many supplements contain very low doses  (300mg) and this can take a long time to show noticeable effects.

The other problem is that a lot of these supplements are not easily absorbed by the body (making them less effective).

To make sure you see the fastest results possible, your Ashwagandha supplement needs to have two things... 

  1. Potent doses of around 3,000mg
  2. It is combined with black pepper extract to help absorption and increase effectiveness!

To learn more about where you can get the strongest forms of Ashwagandha, click the link below now.

⇒ Click here to learn more about the most effective forms of Ashwagandha 



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