5 Cancer Cures You've Never Heard Of

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5 Cancer Cures You've Never Heard Of

What if you could cure cancer without expensive chemotherapy drugs, surgery or radiation treatments? What if curing cancer, and even preventing it from spreading in the first place, was simply a matter of helping your body ignite its own natural healing instincts?

With recent research suggesting that conventional cancer cures can be more deadly than the disease, it’s time to look at some natural cancer treatment therapies that you may never have heard of.


  1.  Vitamin C Chelation

Scientists are only recently starting to figure out that the claims of Linus Pauling were true. The man who first suggested that even advanced cancerous tumors could be eradicated with high levels of Vitamin C has been vindicated. Pauling won two Nobel prizes, one in chemistry and one for peace, yet his Vitamin C cure was dismissed by the cancer industry for decades.

Pauling says that the recommended daily dose of Vitamin C in the U.S. is around 60 mg, but cancer, along with many other diseases, can be cured with doses of around 1000 mg. For those who are already suffering from cancer, he suggests chelation therapy. Highly concentrated doses of liquid Vitamin C are administered to a patient intravenously. The antioxidant properties of Vitamin C practically dissolve cancerous tumors and cancerous cells.

Dr. Balz Frei from Harvard and other researchers have since confirmed Pauling’s claims that Vitamin C alone can cure cancer. You can research Vitamin C therapy in more depth, as there are thousands of articles detailing people who have successfully treated cancer with this method.


  1.  Turmeric and Curcumins

Turmeric, the rhizome or root that grows throughout India and Asia, which is used in traditional dishes like curry, is known as a “universal” cancer cure. The herb modulates over 700 genes and affects the cellular messaging of almost every part of our bodies. It has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Ayurvedic Medicine for thousands of years to heal many ailments which arise from over-active inflammation, a condition which has been linked to cancer.

Among the many active phytonutrients in turmeric are curcumins. Curcumins drive pharmaceutical companies mad with rage because they are not easily recreated in a lab, and therefore cannot be patented and sold as a “cancer drug.” Curcumin has been called “an unstable, reactive, non-bioavailable compound and, therefore, a highly improbable lead [for drug development].”

Nevertheless, curcumins, along with other compounds in turmeric, have been shown to prevent and cure cancer again and again in peer-reviewed, double-blind, placebo-controlled studies.  There are over 10,818 of these studies, in fact, showing that curcumins in turmeric have antioxidant effects and scour free radicals, which are known to damage cells and eventually cause cancer.


  1.  Gerson Therapy

Did you know that the chemotherapy/radiation/surgical removal of cancerous tumors helps allopathic medicine rake in more than $200 billion annually? Dr. Farid Fata even diagnosed 9,000 people that didn’t have cancer with the disease so that he could profit off of their “cure.” Luckily he is in jail now, but meanwhile, doctors like Dr. Max Gerson, now deceased, were forced to heal cancer naturally in Tijuana because it was illegal for them to give people coffee enemas and overhaul their nutrition within the contiguous United States.

The Gerson clinics are now run by Dr. Gerson’s daughter, and she continues her father’s legacy of treating cancer primarily with good nutrition. Sometimes Dr. Gerson would have his patients juice and drink up to 100 carrots a day, but this remedy has been practiced by others with great success. Ann Cameron cured stage 4 breast cancer with carrot juice and nothing else.

Gerson’s patients detox their bodies and re-invigorate their cells by juicing up to 30 pounds of organic fruits and vegetables. They then drink this life-giving juice up to 13 times per day. You can learn more about additional natural healing protocols used by the Gerson clinics here.


  1.  Harry Hoxsey’s Cancer Cure

Harry Hoxsey used to help his father, who was a veterinarian. Hoxsey Sr. noticed that the horses in his pastures who ate certain flowers and weeds never got sick, let alone developed cancer. This became the basis of a modern, natural cure for cancer which involves applying herbal pastes externally, changing the diet and administering liquid herbal concoctions which have a positive effect on the cellular health of the body.

Mildred Nelson, a nurse who worked with Harry Hoxsey, has continued his natural cancer treatment therapies since his death in 1974, and you can learn more about the protocols here.

While the cancer industry continuously tells us that there are no herbs or foods which cure cancer, there have been countless doctors and medical researchers who have found the opposite to be true.


  1.  Remove Pesticides and Herbicides from Your Diet

There are thousands of carcinogenic chemicals in our environment these days. They leach into our soil, contaminate our water and make our air unfit to breathe. The industrial agricultural lobbies in many countries have made it very difficult to avoid some very specific carcinogens, though, in the form of herbicides and pesticides. 

Pesticides are formulated to kill live organisms, and often they do this very well, but their reach doesn’t stop with insects or weeds. These chemical compounds also harm larger animals and humans.

Pesticide Action Network details a myriad of these chemicals, but among them, perhaps none are more insidious as glyphosate and neonicotinoids – one, the main ingredients used in Monsanto’s RoundUp herbicide, and the later, a class of insecticides that is killing off our bees and other pollinators at the same time it is causing cancer.


Simply by removing these chemicals from your diet, you can greatly reduce your chances of developing cancerous cells.

There are many more natural cancer cures, but start with these, and see how you can empower your body to heal itself from within.


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